Welcome to the official site for songwriter, musician, Usui Reiki Master, and wood worker, Rick Bockner. You can find out more about Rick’s appearances, workshops, concerts, articles and schedule by choosing the page you are interested in. Rick refers to his life as a “three cornered hat”, each corner being another part of his life that he is passionate about. This site reflects the various parts of the work, philosophy, and creative thought, that Rick Bockner has developed over a lifetime.

In the music section, you can find out more about Rick’s music history, travels , lyrics, some samples of recordings, promo , online cd store, and his gig and teaching schedule, as well as contact and booking information.

The Reiki page (coming soon…) will inform you about Rick’s work in the international community of Reiki practitioners and students, as well as classes and workshops being offered. Some of his writings are also put online here. There is a photo gallery of images that Rick has made from his many travels in Europe, Canada, and the U.S.

The woodwork zone (coming soon…) of the site includes articles and pictures, reflecting Rick’s long love of forests, wood, and craftsmanship- from building his guitar to furniture design and construction, to thoughts on reforestation, forests as spiritual reservoirs, and the environment.

The 3 areas of the website are meant to show different expressions of one experience of music, spirit, and art. Perhaps the people visiting here will feel empowered to break down the lines that separate the various activities of their lives. Being alive is never simple and it is our personal passion that keeps us creative, involved, and dedicated to making the world the kind of place we want to live in.